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What will you choose to create?
Will you re-claim your life?
Will you give yourself back to the earth?


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Listen with your spirit, your heart.

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I designed this 1 second alert to put in my email application for notice of a new message.
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can't play too long since it's 7pm! Got this little jam in for you. Enjoy. =)

In Australia, terrible things are happening to peaceful people.
The news is not telling the simple truth.

These people are standing up for their physical body autonomy,
and country wide, they are being harassed, pepper sprayed without
provocation, shot with rubber bullets, and pushed then dog piled in many cases.
One video of many. Footage: TheRealRukshan

Don't think this couldn't happen in the West.

2021 - and beyond - an and production, in cooperation with - ... in service to all humanity.